Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are at a high point in their relationship as they prepare and plan for their wedding ceremony. The hit singer and former professional baseball shortstop got engaged in March earlier this year but have yet to announce when specifically their big day will take place.

Amid all the speculations and hints coming out about their wedding plans, rumors find their way into the mix of the happy news. According to a recent report, the “On The Floor” singer is upset at Yankees baseball star after he “revealed he wants to invite his exes to his wedding.”

American weekly celebrity gossip magazine InTouch claimed that Lopez is upset at her fiancé after he expressed his intention to invite his former partners to their wedding. “Something tells me J.Lo is not going to like the idea,” InTouch’s source said. “If he ran it by her first, she would have been like, ‘No way!’ I’m sure she’ll still veto it.”

The article comes hot on the heels of Rodriguez’s interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” where he answered that he’d allow exes to be a part of their big day. “I would say exes invited to wedding,” he said. “Yeah, all-inclusive. The more the merrier,” he added.

InTouch furthered this point, speculating that Rodriguez’s celebrity exes like Madonna, Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson will be invited, as well as his ex-wife, Cynthia Curtis.

Popular celebrity gossip fact-checking website Gossip Cop, however, has reason to believe that InTouch’s narrative has no truth to it. Rodriguez’s interview wherein he declared that exes will be invited to their wedding indeed happened. However, it was taken widely out of context to blow up the situation.

Rodriguez was participating in a hypothetical game called “This Or That,” where he was asked to choose between two scenarios regarding what his wedding might look like. His statement was simply an answer to the question rather than a proclamation of what’s to come.

Furthermore, his answer was quite ambiguous. It might theoretically also mean that Lopez’s exes will be invited as well.

To finally close all doubts, Gossip Cop asked an insider close to Lopez’s camp, who assured that the singer is not at all upset with her husband to be. The source confirmed that InTouch’s narrative is completely false, fully debunking its entire narrative.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez arrive for the 2018 Met Gala on May 7, 2018, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. HECTOR RETAMAL/AFP/Getty Images