It has been 10 months since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Gunman Adam Lanza walked into the school in Newtown Connecticut and opened fire taking the live of 26 people. Six of those killed were adult members of the Sandy Hook staff while 20 of the deceased were children no older than six-years-old. One of the victims of the December 14 shooting was six-year-old Jesse Lewis. New reports of the Sandy Hook shooting say that Lewis saved six lives before being killed by Lanza.

"He yelled, 'Run!' Adam reloaded and shot him in the head," said Jesse's mother Scarlet Lewis to the Associated Press. The little boy's mother learned of the circumstances surrounding her son's death from the accounts of children who survived the shooting. According to reports Jessie Lewis saw Lanza kill his teacher and then yelled to his classmates to run while the shooter stopped to reload his semi-automatic rifle. "When I heard he used his last few seconds on earth to try to save his friends, I was not surprised," Jesse's mother told AP.

When Adam Lanza entered the classroom of Victoria Soto, Lewis' first grade teacher he killed the 27-year-old in cold blood with every intention of turning his gun on the classroom full of students the educator loved to teach. Lanza's gun jammed giving Jesse the chance to shout to his classmates allowing them to run passed the gunman who was struggling with his weapon. Jesse's six classmates were able to escape but the little boy was not so lucky. Lanza fired on him shooting the child in the head.

There were a total of 11 children that survived from Soto's class. Six ran passed the gunmen while another five hid in a closet inside the classroom. The Hartford Courant released the latest account of the events at Sandy Hook on Friday. It is believed that the gunman may have started his shooting spree in Soto's classroom. Students from her class say they did not hear any shooting until Lanza showed up at her door. Adam Lanza took his own life after killing the 20 children and six adults in the school.

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