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In connection with the July 8 disappearance of University of Mississippi student Jimmie ‘Jay’ Lee, a 22-year-old man was charged with murder.

The suspect was identified by Oxford police as Sheldon Timothy Herrington Jr., of Grenada, reported Fox News. Even though there is a murder suspect, police said that they have not recovered Lee's body, and no additional details were shared.

According to the Oxford Police Department, 20-year-old Lee was last seen on July 8 leaving the Campus Walk Apartments at the university around 6 a.m. Police shared that Lee was last seen wearing a "silver robe or housecoat," gray slippers and gold sleeping cap.

A tow company removed the victim's car from an apartment complex near the Molly Barr Trails in Oxford, Mississippi, later that day, said police. It was off campus about 2.5 miles away. It was recovered by cops in the tow yard and taken to the state crime lab for processing. According to cops, Lee was apparently visiting someone who lives in Molly Barr Trails.

Lee dressed in women's clothing and wore make-up in some photos and videos, but he wrote that he identified as a gay male, according to CNN.

Meanwhile, the lawyer of Herrington Jr., proclaimed that his client is innocent. The suspect is being represented by lawyer Carlos Moore, who happens to be a relative, reported News Channel 3. Moore wants more transparency with the investigation. He said that if the person is dead, he hopes that they find the "real killer, because they don’t have the person."

Herrington Jr. is a recent graduate of the University of Mississippi. Oxford Police are yet to reveal how they came to the conclusion that the 22-year-old is a suspect in the missing case. Moore said that that Herrington Jr. and Lee likely knew each other, but he has several questions about the investigation. Moore noted that there is no body, there is no weapon, there is no blood, so "how do we know there has been a murder committed?"

The lawyer was previously married to Herrington Jr.’s aunt for 20 years. He said that he considers him as his nephew and can vouch for his character.

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