Singer Joan Sebastian has been battling bone cancer for over 15 years, but he seemed to have it under control until two years ago, he announced the illness had “come back” and he had to be treated with chemotherapy. “There’s this monster in my life that I fight against, it’s called cancer. I had to get chemotherapy and was left with little hair, but I still take my hat off and show my baldness. I salute those who are fighting for their life,” the singer said. “I was free for five years. It came to me 13 years ago. It reappeared seven years ago and the last time was five years ago but now it’s back. I will continue fighting as I have until now,” concluded Joan Sebastian.

Apparently the singer was not following the doctor’s orders and didn’t just keep performing, this time he decided to ride his horse during his performance at the ‘Plaza de Toros” in Mexico City, and sadly, that did not go well. The first incident was when the singer got on his horse. Spectators who attended the sold out show said he looked very hesitant while doing so, “not like his usual confident self.” He then fell off his noble steed, which the arena’s staff blames on low blood sugar and weakness due to his treatment. If this wasn’t enough, Joan Sebastian got back on stage and tried to keep the show going while sitting down.

Unfortunately, on top of all of his efforts, while he was performing the song "Juliantla," he tried to stand up and dance but just couldn’t. At this point the concert had to be cut short for which he apologized to his fans. Many of the attendants were crying inconsolably at the site of one of their idols being weakened by this terrible illness. Get better Joan Sebastian!