'El Travieso' Suicide Attempt
Former Mexican boxer thought of committing suicide after being arrested for sexual abuse allegations. Reuters

Jorge "El Travieso" Arce was devastated and not thinking straight after he was bailed out of jail following sexual abuse allegations. The former Mexican boxer spent two nights in an Orange County, California jail after he was accused of forcing a woman into performing oral sex on him. When Arce's brother Francisco picked him up after posting jail, he threatened to commit suicide by taking off his seatbelt and possibly jumping out of the moving vehicle on the freeway.

"[Jorge Arce] was anxious, worried by everything that was being said about hime," Francisco told El Universal. "He felt very frustrated. He made me go through a difficult moment after we left jail and we were coming home. He took off his seat belt and he told me that he couldn't anymore, that he was going to throw himself into the freeway. I asked him not to do that, that he would get me into trouble. I told him that if he did something crazy he would cause me problems and my daughters depend on me. I also asked him to think about his own daughters. He understood, he put his seatbelt back on and hugged me. I assured him that everything was going to be alright when the truth was revealed."

The former "La Isla Azteca" contestant was in Anaheim, California where he was going to narrate a boxing event for the Televisa network. The sexual assault allegedly happened at the Embassy Suites before the boxing match. After the event he returned to the hotel but left to go out to dinner. Upon his return he noticed that his key card was not working. When he called reception to report it, that's when he was taken into custody and jailed. It is on March 28 when "El Travieso" will have to go back to an Orange County court for the first hearing.

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