Jorge Ramos' Open Letter to GOP

Jorge Ramos' Open Letter to GOP
Jorge Ramos' Open Letter to GOP Flickr

Just days before the GOP officially nomimnated Mitt Romney to Run against Barack Obama, Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos expressed himself in an open letter to the GOP. 

"Dear Republicans: They will lose the Hispanic vote in the upcoming presidential election. President Barack Obama will receive million more Latino votes his candidate Mitt Romney. But that's not the worst. I am writing to tell you that, unless they change several of its anti-immigrant positions, may be doomed to lose the White House for decades.

The latest Latino Decisions poll gives President Obama 70% of voting intentions among Hispanics and only 22% Romney. Other surveys are very similar. And here's the problem: since Ronald Reagan, any Republican candidate who obtains less than a third of the Latino vote (or 33%) lost the election. Will it be different this year?

What happened? Former President George W. Bush made a terrible economic crisis and started an unnecessary war in Iraq. But he understood the importance Latino voter-so won 44% of the Hispanic vote in 2004. Bush achieved the highest percentage ever received by a Republican presidential candidate because of his support for immigration reform. In 2007, when Bush pressed the issue at the end of his term, were Republicans in Congress who mostly voted against immigration reform and died.We do not forget Hispanic voters.

Instead of continuing the policy of Bush, Republicans Romney and his supporters have decided to take a big step back and oppose any attempt to legalize. In fact, Romney has suggested that it may be so intolerable life in the United States to undocumented residents that they would choose, as you said in past interviews and debates, by "autodeportarse". I assure you, Republicans, Hispanics not forget this.

Latinos do not forget that the Republican Party endorsed the appalling anti-immigrant laws in Arizona, Alabama, Georgia and other states. Sheriff Joe Arpaio resemble accused of discrimination by the federal government, does not do them much good. It seems to make enemies of Hispanics."

Click here to read the letter in its entirety. 

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