On Sunday, December 17, José Luis Rodríguez "El Puma" received a double lung transplant in the city of Miami, information that was confirmed by Raúl González on his radio show “Mañana de Éxitos con Raúl y su Combo” in Éxitos 107.1 FM. The presenter said Rodríguez, 73, was operated at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

According to the report "El Puma" would be stable despite the fact that for several years he suffered from chronic pulmonary fibrosis which has caused a deterioration of his health. The transplant was an important step and the only procedure that could save the Venezuelan singer's life.

Rodríguez was on the waiting list of donors but due to his delicate state he was positioned in the first places. After his surgery "El Puma" was transferred to intensive care and although he is stable, he is going through the crucial 72 hours where the most important thing is that his body does not reject the new organs.

"I declare myself healthy every day, I am healthy in the name of Christ. Think of me with health, with vigor, with energy, think of me as Superman, Captain America, all this will do me a lot of good", the singer said in a mid-year interview. 

"El Puma" has two other older daughters from his union with Venezuelan Lila Morillo, the artists Liliana Morillo and Lilibeth Morillo. He fathered Génesis Rodríguez with Cuban born model Carolina Perez who were ultimately married in 1997 to this day.