Although Stevie J and the Puerto Rican princess, Joseline Hernandez, are having issues on the current season of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" because of an incident between Stevie and Benzino's new girl Althea, it appears the couple is still going strong. Even after recent rumors that the pair split due to infidelity. 

Monday July 7th the news broke that Stevie J and Joseline split up. Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club reported that Hernandez posted to Twitter saying she had multiple sexual encounters with different men including Nelly, Drake and a White House driver. There were also DM's posted between Hernandez and rapper Rick Ross showing them attempting to link up but for what reason is unknown. However, immediately after this incident Hernandez decided to speak out where she revealed her Twitter account @MsJoseline was hacked and none of that information displayed was true. Rumors said that the possible hacker is none other than Stevie J himself, perhaps trying to stir up some media attention or to simply bring Joseline's secrets to light? 

What's even more interesting is that Stevie J told TMZ that he and Hernandez did break up because she cheated on him with over 30 men, including gay men. But lets not forget that Stevie J has cheated on Joseline as well so what exactly did he think was going to happen? Whatever is happening with them it seems to be over. Hernandez posted to her Instagram account videos and pictures of the two in what appears to be relationship bliss. 

The couple posed together in a video of Hernandez speaking on her sexiness while Stevie J gave directions to someone on the phone. Hernandez said, "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood ... Shoutout to all sexy ladies like myself. Why am I so sexy? Why I'm so hot?" She also shared a group shot with Stevie, one of his sons and the young man’s friends.