Not too long ago, Louise Fischer, a Denmark-based journalist got instantly famous for a rather inane reason—on-the-job sex with a reveler at a swingers club. While the entire clip went viral on Twitter and was eventually aired on the morning Radio 4 show in March, Fisher seemed unperturbed by the criticism. In fact, the young writer had no qualms in admitting that it was “a great experience”.

“Yes, I enjoyed it. Even though it wasn't the best sex of my life. But the men in this club are very polite and very considerate,” said Fisher, as cited on Bild. “I felt like a goddess. They make you feel very special,” she added.

Fisher also maintained that the circulation of the clip hasn’t ruffled any feathers at home. As cited in Daily Star, the 26-year-old’s mum termed the attention “funny”, and her dad believed that it’s been “really cool."

Fisher, who’s clearly not one to stay private about her life, opened up about being single and how that made it all the more hassle-free. “I don't have a boyfriend, that definitely made it a lot easier. My mother just thinks it's funny and laughs, my father thought it was really cool,” she averred.

While she’s amassed familial support, a volley of netizens expressed their disgust at Fisher’s adventures. Some also suggested how it was a bit too much, especially given the professional circumstances that led to it.

“It was just an excuse for a bang. It was completely unnecessary,” a user stated, while another enthused, “Things only women can do hehe. Had a man had sex on the radio, he would probably have had the whole country against him.”

Fisher reiterated in her interview with Bild that she was just doing her job after all, and people shouldn’t be reading between the lines, as much as they currently are. “It is part of my job to give an insight into a world not everyone has access was cool that I somehow created trust by being a part of their world.”

A couple walk across the Charles Bridge early morning on April 28, 2021 in Prague. Photo by MICHAL CIZEK/AFP via Getty Images