Juan Gabriel returns to the stage after being hospitalized on April 2014. Reuters

After being hospitalized in April 2014 in Las Vegas because of pneumonia complications, Juan Gabriel, returns to the Country that watched him rise with his tour "Juntos." He had to postpone his U.S. tour "Volver 2014" due to his health battle which lasted three long weeks. During his hospitalization, a lot of rumors surfaced. The media reported a possible cancer case, and even speculated the singer’s death.

Joaquín López-Doriga was one of the first sources to deny all rumors on his Twitter account:I've been informed that news of Juan Gabriel's death is false. His recovery is going so well that he will be released from the hospital in Las Vegas tomorrow”. JuanGa proceeded to focus on his recovery in order to retake his U.S. tour in September. The singer made his big comeback in Miami, New Jersey, San José, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. But Mexican fans were still waiting for their chance to see the singer return to his “México Lindo y Querido.”

Finally, “El Divo de Juárez” returned to “El Auditorio Nacional” in Mexico City this past weekend. The singer-song writer started his tour “Juntos” and promoted his new CD “Los Dúo.” Looking considerably healthier, the singer appeared on stage next to 16 backup dancers. At the beginning of the concert, he announced “I’m going to ask permission to sing all I want tonight.” Reported Proceso MX. And so he did! He delighted the fans for almost 4 hours, and the night was full of surprises. Because it was his big return and the opening of his new tour in México, Juan Gabriel went all out promoting his new material with special guests such as: Bárbara Padilla, Zona Prieta, David Bisbal, and Christian Castro. JuanGa has three more dates at "El Auditorio Nacional": April 17, 18 and 19. We are so happy to see this Mexican Legend doing what his knows best.

You can check the rest of the Tour dates on Ticketmaster.com.

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