Juan Gabriel has finally been released from the Las Vegas hospital following three long weeks of battling pneumonia. "Everything is more than fine," personal friend, Danny Lewkowicz, told reporters. "He is happy, healthy, absorbing the sun and thinking of his upcoming shows." The news comes a day after a Twitter death scare that made the social media explode with messages of mourning. The tense situation was calmed when tv journalist Joaquín López-Doriga tweeted: "I've been informed that news of Juan Gabriel's death is false. His recovery is going so well that he will be released from the hospital in Las Vegas tomorrow. Now the "Abrázame Muy Fuerte" singer will be focusing on recovering fully and is set to retake his U.S. tour in September.

Juan Gabriel had been hospitalized in Las Vegas after feeling ill during one of his performances at the Mandalay Bay. The 64-year-old singer-songwriter had been feeling sick for a couple of days but continued to make his best effort and push through his presentations. After his Sin City gig he couldn't handle it anymore and was admitted to the Southern Hills Hospital with pneumonia. The "Divo De Juarez" had to cancel his immediate presentations to recuperate and took to Twitter to inform his fans. "Everything is fine," he wrote on the social network. "There is nothing to worry about, we only need to take care of ourselves. Thanks to all the kind messages and good wishes."

The "Noa Noa" hitmaker added at the time he was not too keen on postponing his tour dates as he loves singing for his fans. "Although I want to continue singing, others want me resting," he added. "My loves, we will see each other until May 1 in Los Angeles. Nothing has been canceled, only postponed. Followers tweeted messages of hope and good vibes for a speedy recovery, which Juan Gabriel retweeted and added, "there's no better medicine than the lovely wishes of so many people. May everything you wish upon me gets returned multiplied. I have always been an fan of my fans, and now a follower of my followers. Thank you for all the beautiful messages."