Looking for another reason to swoon over “The Bachelor” Juan Pablo? Well the viral video of him singing some One Direction while driving in his car should do the trick. The first Latino “Bachelor” posted a video of him lip singing One Direction’s “Story of My Life.” In the video a scruffy looking Pablo was wearing shades and a suit as he pretended to belt out the song’s lyrics. Ladies try to control yourselves as you watch the video of Juan Pablo singing. If you watch closely it looks as though he is singing right to you.

Nine ladies from season 18 of “The Bachelor” will have to settle for this video as their only connection to the Venezuelan stud. Season 18 had its first heartbreaks of the year as Juan sent home nine lovely contestants and a few crazy ones as well. Kylie, Lauren H, Amy J (the awkward massage therapist), Alexis, Christine, Lacy, Maggie, Valerie, and Ashley were all sent home Monday night. Sharleen was given the coveted first impression rose and accepted it somewhat awkwardly calling Juan Pablo “sir” twice. Sharleen admitted that she did not feel a connection with Juan Pablo.

Despite the lack of chemistry Sharleen says she is not ready to give up on him yet. In an interview with E! News Juan Pablo sat down to discuss his decision about who stayed and who had to go on episode one of “The  Bachelor.” Episode one castoffs Kylie and Lauren H received a lot of support after they were sent home. Producers received complaints saying the women were set up to look foolish. Juan Pablo said he saw in them the same thing viewers saw and defended his choice to send them home.

“So if they didn't portray themselves as they have to portray themselves, that's not our problem. It's [the girls'] problem, you know. I was myself,” Juan Pablo told E! News. “I was myself," Juan Pablo reiterated. "I did whatever I wanted to do when I was on [“The Bachelorette”].  I didn't do whatever I didn't want to do on the other show, and that was it. So I wouldn't complain at all."