Once Upon A Time
Will Hook be successful in restoring Emma's memories and helping to save her family? Facebook.com/OnceUponATime

Fans of “Once Upon A Time” are eagerly awaiting the show’s return in March and until then they will have to satisfy their “OUAT” hunger with a few morsels of TV spoilers. The first half of season three ended with Regina, Snow, Charming, Belle, Hook, Neal and all of the residents of Storybrooke returning to the Enchanted Forest. Rumple was able to kill Peter Pan by sacrificing his own life but not before Pan unleashed a curse that would send everyone back to the Forest without their memories.

Emma and Henry were able to get away and before they did Regina gave them a gift. Using magic Regina altered Henry and Emma’s memories so that they would not remember their lives in Storybrooke and it would seem as though Emma never gave Henry up for adoption. All memories of their family, Storybrooke, Neverland and anything that had happened since Henry first found Emma in season one were erased. The episode ends with Emma and Henry in their NYC apartment enjoying breakfast.

Emma goes to answer a knock at the door and discovers Hook, who attempts to tell Emma that her family is in danger but is greeted with a knee to the groin and a door in his face. Hook has been in love with Emma since the end of season two and was hopeful that if he kissed her, Emma’s memories would come back. Hook barely got his lips on Emma’s when she pushed him away so there is still hope for all of you CaptainSwan fans out there that they are meant to be together.

The second half of season three is already shaping up to be an exciting adventure and that is just going off of the promo. Behind the scenes photos also gives clues as to what may be happening between Hook and Emma in New York City. With Regina on the road to redemption “OUAT” needed a new villain. (1) Enter “Lost” alum Rebecca Mader as the Wicked Witch. (2) The “Once Upon A Time” characters will be heading to Oz to face the Wicked Witch.

There is no word yet as to what the witch’s name will be. So far she is only known as the Wicked Witch. It is unclear if she is the Wicked Witch of the West or East or if she will go by the character’s name from the Broadway play “Wicked,” Elphaba. It is unclear how long the characters will stay in Oz but the “OUAT” family tree is growing, as it will be revealed that the (3) Wicked Witch is related to one of the other characters. Speculation suggests that the Witch is related to Regina.

“Once Upon A Time” will return Sunday March 9 at 8pm with the first of 11 new episodes. In “New York City Serenade” Hook will be working hard to get Emma to remember who she is. Viewers can expect a lot of drama in the first episode back including Hook’s arrest and Emma bailing him out. Despite her refusal to believe Hook, Emma can’t help but feel a connection with the pirate. In one behind the scenes image we see (4) Hook and Emma hugging.

The look on Hook’s face seems to suggest he is relieved about something. Perhaps Emma got her memory back. (5) Other photos show Emma, Hook and Henry on a road trip. The trio is piling into Emma’s little yellow bug but their destination is unclear. What also remains a mystery is how Hook got out of the Enchanted Forest and how he plans on returning with Emma and Henry. The other remaining question is how will Emma save her family?

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