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Judges have been known to be conservative and reserved. However, there is a female judge who follows a different kind of life, an alter ego that she does online when not in the courtroom.

She is Judge Vivian Polania who has gained a following after posting raunchy posts on Instagram. She serves as the First Municipal Criminal Judge in the city of Cucuta. She started to make waves on social media in 2020, initially appearing in a local news publication.

She also shared how she was getting discounts from clothing brands. This led to an investigation of her sultry social media posts, gaining criticism from people who did not believe it was right for a judge to do what she is doing.

"I am the only woman who does not have the right to wear a bathing suit, because rather, it goes against the dignity of the administration of justice," Polania said about the investigation via Semana.

She also stressed how being a judge remains her only income stream for her.

After the investigation, Polania continues to work as a judge and also dresses as she wanted that was appropriate for work – despite being told to wear baggier robes to hide her curves.

"It is one thing to be strong and they may believe that I am very young, but I have been in the Judicial Branch since I was 18 years old," she stated. "You can't imagine how difficult it is to be dressed in a dress of those lengths and have hearings of four hours."

But aside from that, Polania faces a reality tied to her work. She has been reportedly getting death threats from camps of gang members that she had sent to prison, La Opinion reported.

Despite these, the judicial branch continues to back Polania.

"We express our total solidarity in the face of this type of reprehensible acts that undermine judicial autonomy," the branch said in a statement.

Regardless, these threats and the backing of the judicial branch Polania continues to post publicly – both on Instagram and TikTok. As of this writing, she has about 350,000 followers across two Instagram accounts.

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