Julia Roberts is once again back in the spotlight with rumors placing her in the mid of controversy. Roberts and her husband, Danny Moder, have recently celebrated their 17th year anniversary. However, according to recent tabloid reports, the celebrity couple’s marriage is on the rocks. In order to save their failing marriage, Roberts is allegedly taking to very extreme lengths and bouncing back from their rumored issues.

According to a report by Australian Weekly Magazine NW, the “Pretty Woman” actress has gone on a “surgery spree” in order to save their marriage. The publication alleged that the actress has undergone breast augmentation, going from “a C-cup to a DD.” “She is way perkier and it’s no secret that this is an area of her body which has given her a lot of insecurity in the past,” said the article’s source.

Aside from the breast implants, Roberts also supposedly got a facelift and lip fillers “to regain her youthful looks.” “Her and Danny’s love life has needed some help, so Julia’s bitten the bullet to spice things up,” added the source.

Another report claims that the couple is set to expand their family, adding another to their currently three children — Phinnaeus, 14; Hazel, 14; and Henry, 12. National Enquirer said in its article that Roberts and Moder have “made a secret pact to scale back on work, travel the world and focus on family.” 

“Julia and Danny don’t have a huge amount in common except their kids,” said National Enquirer’s source. “They want to adopt to give them a chance to reconnect.”

Gossip Cop, a website that “polices” online celebrity gossip, refutes the allegations that Roberts has undergone surgery and is to adopt a baby to save her marriage, mainly because it does not need to be saved in the first place. Aside from that, Roberts has previously stated that she’s against undergoing cosmetic surgery, and she has no plans of adding another child to her brood. 

The escalating rumors are merely to add fuel to an already debunked narrative that Moder is leaving Roberts for a younger actress, which surfaced last month. It was proven untrue, and the 17-year marriage of Moder and Roberts remains strong until today.

Julia Roberts Julia Roberts at the Emmys 2014 Red Carpet. Getty Images