Julián Gil's battle in court is intensifying just as he thought it was all getting better as he scored a small victory in court in regards to visitations of his son Matías. Now, Marjorie De Sousa's legal team is asking to open an investigation for possibly money laundering and Gil is now making it public that he has been receiving calls from hired assassins threatening his life. "I receive threats from hitmen and you will see them because I know where they're coming from," he said according to El Universal. "I don't have any bodyguards, nor big trucks, I am alone with my people. I am not afraid of anybody nor am I scared of the threats. The day something happens to me, you will know why."

In an interview with "Al Rojo Vivo," lawyer Alma Pellón said she has requested authorities to investigate Gil for money laundering. "We have solicited authorities to investigate in the necessary consulates," she said. "We can't say for sure, there have been publications from other countries like Argentina and we are interested to know for the security of Marjorie and their son Matías, who is of utmost importance, if there's any truth to the accusations of money laundering."

The new accusations come as Julián Gil announced that he had been granted to spend more time with his son outside of the court. "Today, after months of defending the rights of my son, after being slandered, stepped on, pointed at, I thank God and the Mexican justice for this present in making justice," he wrote in an Instagram post. "I will be able to see my son outside of the court for 4 hours every 15 days and without supervision. As I've always said, I submit myself to evidence and I hope that this time, Marjorie de Sousa follows through with what she said on various occassions: 'I will never oppose my son to share time with his father.' I hope that they don't appeal the decision of spending time with my son."

The drama between Marjorie de Sousa and Julián Gil started when the latter took the former to court for the right to be able to see his son Matías, since then a legal battle has played publicly. Gil scored a victory, back in August, in the case as his legal representative informed Televisa Espectáculos that he was now able to see his son outside of the courthouse. The "Sueño De Amor" actor will also be able to spend time with his baby at his own home. A request was made to De Sousa and the infant's doctor to notate the time the baby eats and any special care so that Julián is made aware.

Throughout the process Gil has scored victorities, like the one earlier in the year a judge ruled that the actor could see Matias only an hour a week. "All I have asked for is to be able to see him," he told "Dando Candela." "If at this moment they only allow me to see him for an hour, that is what I will do. In all this process what I am fighting for is the rights of my son. I don't think a father should be limited to seeing their child unless they are a delinquent where a father represents a danger to the child, but if they are not a danger, the healthiest thing is to have a normal relationship."