Jodi Arias Juror Fell In Love With Her
A juror fell in love with Jodi Arias during the murder trial. Prosecutor reveals more secrets in new book! Reuters

Serving as a juror on a murder trial should have people focused on the case and evidence presented. It looks like one of the members was more focused on trying to get with the murderess Jodi Arias, according to claims made by Juan Martinez, the prosecutor who led the case. Martinez says that one of the jurors actually fell in love with Arias during the trial. Although he doesn't reveal the name of the juror, Tara Harris Kelley, an alternate juror, has revealed with "no doubt" that Martinez is referring to foreman Bill Zervakos. Kelley told the Daily Mail that "Zervakos secretly wanted to acquit Arias, bragged about being a womanizer and made eye contact with her whenever the jury went into the judge's chambers." The nerve of this guy if this is true. We are just glad that the other jurors had more sense in the conviction of this despicable human being.

It is also worth adding that Zarvakos was, according to Kelley, one of the jurors holding out in the death penalty decision during the trial. Arias is appealing her sentence for the first-degree murder of her boyfriend Travis Alexander. As it stands now, Jodi is set to serve her natural life in prison after two juries didn't come to an agreement regarding the death penalty. Juan Martinez is making allegations in a new memoir called "Conviction: The Untold Store Of Putting Jodi Arias Behind Bars." Martinez will also reveal evidence that was not presented to the jury like what was found in Arias' rental car when she was arrested. Police found two knives, condoms and a 9mm handgun in the rental. Martinez will also reveal how Jodi attempted forging letters, while in jail, from Alexander where he allegedly confessed he was a pedophile.

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