Justin Amash, 40, is the newest entry in the 2020 U.S. Presidential election race due in November. The Michigan representative announced his decision to run for the presidential elections last week. However, his future seems uncertain considering the current situation.

Amash is considering a third-party presidential run as a libertarian. He was a member of the Republican party, which he left nearly nine months ago to become independent. Even though it is not yet clear whether he will win the Libertarian Party nomination, chances are that his participation may affect current U.S. president Donald Trump and the former Vice President of the country, Joe Biden.

Although clarity regarding Libertarian Party nomination will only come by the end of this month, Amash has already started to claim that he is better suited for the presidential job and it is important to a person in position who is more practical, honest and have humility for the legislative procedure in the country.

The Libertarian Party candidate's decision has not come as a surprise. He revealed his intention to run for the presidential elections 2020 earlier during April in a Tweet. The revelation attracted a lot of backlash from people who do not want to see Trump again as the president of the U.S. as they think that Amash’s participation in the election could cut votes for Joe Biden, increasing chances for Trump’s re-election.

Additionally, Amash is not a household name and lacks national recognition, which he accepts.

“It’s important to get out there, talk about the issues, talk about the approach I would take to government, talk about the practical ideas I’d bring to the table,” he justified after the backlash.

Considering previous presidential results and the outcomes of elections, third-party candidates have not done well or have had a significant impact on the presidential results. Therefore, chances are grim that Amash would be able to massively affect Trump’s or Biden’s vote bank.

However, it is known that third-party contenders in the presidential race can affect the results, even though marginally. Considering that somewhere from 4 to 22 percent of the U.S. population is “libertarian,” the coming presidential election may get to witness the effect of that.

Moreover, Amash is from Michigan, a state where he may benefit from and Trump may not be able to derive the benefit from there, unlike last time. Additionally, Amash may be able to attract the group of “Never Trumpers” who have a history of long-standing opposition of the current U.S. President.

While it is still not clear whether Amash running for presidential elections in the U.S. will make any significant difference or not, but it is indeed expected that he may be able to cause some trouble for Trump as well as Biden by targeting specific groups and states.

Donald Trump
US President Donald Trump points to his ears as he tries to hear shouted questions from reporters while departing the White House. Photo: Getty Images

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