Justin Bieber is said to have a wild fantasy of hooking up with Selena Gomez, Sofia Richie and Kourtney Kardashian - his exes. Hailey Baldwin is allegedly worried that her husband will cheat so she is also doing something to avoid this from happening. 

According to NW magazine, the “Love Yourself” singer did not try to keep his fantasy on his ex-girlfriends a secret. In fact, he lets his wife know that he fantasize about having sex with his three of his exes. Hailey was said to have given Justin some self-help books about cheating and hoping they would be of some help so her husband will overcome the temptations to have an affair behind her back. 

It was reported that Hailey is forcing him to read and as proof, People shared that Justin is reading the book titled “His Needs, Her Needs: Building an Affair-Proof Marriage” by Willard F. Harley Jr., a marriage counselor. The book teaches couples how to care for each other by identifying the 10 most important needs within the marriage.

“Hailey is pretty understanding and figured Sel would always be imprinted on Justin’s mind in some way, but it really hurt when he confessed he still finds her sexually attractive,” the source allegedly told the magazine. “Hailey appreciates that Justin is trying to cleanse himself with this book but she also knows he finds it hard to resist beautiful women. She’s not sure if a bit of light reading will cure his fantasies.”

Hailey is said to be more worried about Justin’s desire to be with the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star. This is because she just can’t “live up to the ‘wild, sexy, experienced older woman.’” 

In any case, Gossip Cop steps in to see if this report really true. As usual, it did its own investigation to check the facts and reveal whether Justin Bieber is really fantasizing of hooking up with exes. The publication found out that the whole story was a lie. 

Justin never spoke to Hailey about dreaming of being intimate with Selena, Sofia or Kourtney again. GC also pointed out that the young singer is actually reading the self-help book to further improve his marriage to his wife. He simply wants to be a good husband to her and that was his first and foremost intention from the start. 

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