Selena Gomez may have been Justin Bieber’s ladylove for a long time, but it’s a different story now. As Bieber tries to make his marriage with Hailey Baldwin work, the male singer has enforced boundaries to steer clear of Gomez.

Fans have long followed Bieber’s years-long, on-off romance with his ex. Probably the most followed relationship at the time, theirs was a rollercoaster of sorts. As soon as people thought they were done for good, a photo of them snuggling would pop up on social media, proving people wrong. One day they would get into a comment war on Instagram, the next day they’re smooching in public again. But Bieber is now a married man, and rumor has it that he wants his status with Gomez to be pretty clear-cut — for him, she is just a thing of the past.

Earlier this week, an insider reported that Bieber and Gomez “haven’t talked recently” and that Bieber “has stayed away from Selena to be loyal to Hailey.” Bieber is reportedly making purposeful decisions to stay far away from Gomez as a sign of respect for his wife, who is understandably wary of her husband’s ex. That said, it looks like the ex-lovers won’t ever be in the same boat again.

Meanwhile, Jelena shippers are still in denial that it’s officially over for Bieber and Gomez. The ex-couple’s romance has a long history, and it remains to be seen if Bieber’s marriage to Baldwin is just another dark chapter to be followed by something more hopeful. For their fans, reports about Bieber’s recent meltdown after learning of Gomez’s health condition were shreds of hope to cling to. However, the fact that he’s making an effort to keep her out of his life for his wife must be another tell-tale sign that despite their obvious draw to each other, their love wasn’t really meant to last.

Right now, Bieber is battling depression and uncertainty about the future, while Gomez is out there living her best life. In fact, she’s back on Instagram and has been busy promoting her new collab with J. Balvin, “I Can’t Get Enough.”