There has been a lot of manga that have made the jump into anime. But before one does come out, there are several factors worth considering.

In the case of “Kaiju No. 8,” it appears to have all the makings of one although a studio tasked to transform it has yet to come out. One aspect that any production company would consider is popularity and its following.

In the case of “Kaiju No. 8,” there is no question that it has both. Naoya Matsumoto’s smash hit manga has just released its sixth illustrated volume, also showing that it has more than enough content that any anime-producing company can use.

It should be noted that making the jump from an anime world comes with risks. This is the reason why producers are very careful when it comes to deciding what series to create.

“Kaiju No. 8” has larger-than-life kaiju battles and a relatable cast of characters. This is the reason why the manga has garnered the attention of prominent anime news sources and content creators as well as earning its own Reddit and Wiki forums in multiple countries.

It has released over five million copies, print and digital, into circulation, making it the fastest-growing series ever published within Shōnen Jump+.

While all signs point to an imminent anime rendition of “Kaiju No. 8,” producers will also take the risks of doing so. There are cases wherein some manga may be popular but fail to capture the same audience when it shifts to anime. Hence, it is easier said than done and popularity only makes the task doubly harder.

MAPPA and Ufotable could take the lead in adapting “Kaiju No. 8.” With tons of materials they can use, they would need to carefully dissect these to come up with good results that would be acceptable to viewers.

CBR bats that if things fall into place, the earliest time to see an anime adaptation of “Kaiju No. 8,” would be by the spring of 2023 at the earliest. The latest would be by the fall.

For now, nothing has been set in stone, at least officially. But based on the materials available as well as other factors, there is little to no reason why “Kaiju No. 8” won’t be a success.

Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 55
Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 55 photo from @Kaiju No. 8 Twitter account

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