Kalimba faces new sexual abuse allegations
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MIAMI - Once again, Kalimba, is in the eye of the storm. The Mexican singer and former member of OV7 is currently embroiled in a serious legal battle following accusations of sexual abuse made by Melissa Galindo, a singer-songwriter and former contestant on La Voz México.

The allegations, which date back to incidents in 2020, have reignited discussions about Kalimba's past and his interactions with women in the music industry. Galindo is not the first woman to accuse the artist of sexual misconduct. Until now, most of those allegations have failed to develop into serious consequences.

This time may be different, as judge in Mexico City accepted the charges presented by the Attorney General's Office against the singer for aggravated sexual abuse.

The accusations against Kalimba

Melissa Galindo claims that she was subjected to unwanted sexual advances during a series of professional encounters with Kalimba. According to her account, one incident occurred after a concert in Monterrey, where Kalimba allegedly touched her inappropriately while they were in a vehicle returning to their hotel.

"I was sitting normally when he grabbed my knee and started telling me that he had heard very good comments about my project, that he liked it a lot, and that he was very excited. I told him, 'That's cool, thank you so much for supporting my project'."

"Suddenly, I felt something touch my vagina, like his hand moved up to my vagina, and I was in shock. I closed my legs, but I didn't say anything. Maybe it was unintentional, why should I make a fuss? I was with his people, his team, it made no sense to cause a scene," the singer confessed.

She described feeling shocked and unable to react due to the presence of the artist's team​​. In another instance, during the pandemic lockdowns, Galindo alleges that Kalimba and his manager, both appearing intoxicated, showed up uninvited at her residence, further adding to her distress​​.

Kalimba's reaction to the charges against him

Kalimba has denied these allegations, stating that he respects all individuals he works with and intends to prove his innocence through legal means. He expressed disappointment over the situation and indicated his plans to take legal action against what he perceives as defamatory claims aimed at damaging his reputation.

"I know who I am and what I stand for," he said to Mexican journalists when Galindo first made her accusations. Kalimba is also promoting concerts in Mexico, after finishing an eight-city showcase in the U.S.

This is not the first time Kalimba has faced such allegations. In 2010, he was accused of raping a minor, a case that brought him significant legal and public scrutiny, though he was eventually acquitted due to insufficient evidence​.

The current allegations by Melissa Galindo have led to various responses from the public and the industry. Some social media users have shown support for Galindo, praising her courage for speaking out, while others have criticized her, suggesting that her claims are motivated by personal gain​. In the entertainment industry, the scandal has affected Kalimba's career. Allegedly, he was replaced in the play "Mentiras" amid the ongoing controversy​.

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