The last few weeks have been a troubling time in Kanye West's life. After multiple erratic outbursts and rants, and camnceling shows, the rapper found himself being hospitalized for exhaustion. While there are many other reasons for his hospitalization, after a one week stay, the rapper is officially going home!

According to E! News, Kanye West has been released from the UCLA Medical Center after being admitted for exhaustion in late November. His return home marks the start of his post-hospital treatment.

The site reports that hours after the shocking cancellation of the remaining dates of his Saint Pablo Tour, the "Famous" rapper voluntarily went to the UCLA Medical Center for evaluation after suffering from exhaustion and sleep deprivation. 

At the time, the rapper was with his personal trainer Harley Pasternak. The hospital visit was under the consultation of West's physician, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

TMZ reported that after the doctor made the 911 call, the incident was deemed a "medical emergency" and the Fire Department responded to Pasternak's home Monday afternoon. In a recording of the Fire Department's dispatch call, the encounter was referred to as a "psychiatric emergency."

Although many views of Kanye's situation range from exhaustion and sleep deprivation, we recently reported that a psychologist believes that the rapper's erratic behavior falls directly in line with schizoaffective disorder.

Various unconfirmed reports claim that rapper was handcuffed to a gurney. The handcuffing is standard protocol for an involuntary psychiatric hold, which is also referred to as a "5150." In such cases, patients are believed to potentially be a danger to themselves, others around them, and/or gravely disabled. With psychologist Julie Armstrong's opinion, the news is very easy to believe.

The West family has been going through a lot with his wife Kim Kardashian trying to adjust to life after her Paris robbery, Kanye trying to be as supportive as possible and coming to terms with the anniversary of his late mother, Donda West's death.

While many people are claiming that the anniversary of his mother's death has set him over the edge, there are stil talks of his rocky relationship with once close friends Beyonce and Jay-Z being part of his break down.

We wish Kanye West a speedy recovery!