Karla Alvarez Death: Ex Husband Alexis Ayala, Father React To Mexican Actress Tragically Taken Too Soon

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Karla Álvarez has died at the age of 41 after suffering from a respiratory failure. The Mexican actress best known for playing the bad girl in telenovelas was last seen in "Qué Bonito Amor" where she played a prostitute named "Irasema." álvarez was found dead on November 15, at her apartment due to respiratory failure. Despite the public shock of her death, álvarez’s family was most upset by the tragic news. The talented actress’s father, Carlos Álvarez, spoke to Refroma newspaper about the loss of his daughter, "How can you be a parent after you’ve lost your child?"

When asked about the cause of death, Álvarez’s father was at a loss for words saying that while the cause of death is still unknown, "Do not know yet, and still do not have the certificate." Initial reports claimed that Karla died due to cardio-respiratory arrest, however it was rumored that álvarez had been battling alcoholism and an alleged eating disorder. Earlier reports this year claimed that she was being forced out of her last telenovela because her alleged addiction was affecting her work. álvarez’s body was discovered by her maid on Friday morning at her home in Mexico City, Mexico. Her father thanked the public for their support and kind words, but asked for privacy while he mourns his daughter’s death. “I appreciate your concern, you understand, but I ask that you respect my pain."

Álvarez’s ex-husband, Alexis Ayala also spoke to Refroma newspaper about the tragic loss of his former wife. Ayala rose to fame alongside álvarez on the hit telenovela “Maria Mercedes,” he remembered his ex-wife fondly telling the press, “Hopefully she has gone in peace, and that her family is well. We had many years of not seeing each other, but I will always remember her as someone who was a large part of my life."


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