Karla Alvarez died last week after suffering from respiratory failure caused by her eating disorders. The media was surprised when an alleged husband came into the scene as everyone believed álvarez was not married. Antonio D'Agostino revealed that Karla had submitted the paperwork for a divorce weeks before her sudden death and the couple had not been in contact for a while. "Unfortunately because of my problems and because I made mistakes, we took a break and at the time of her death we were seperate," the 66-year-old D'Agostino told gossip magazine TVNotas. "I am destroyed since I found out and her family did not tell me. We got married in Morelos and they went to the wedding. With her mom and her sisters I got along well; I love Mercedes (her mom) very much." RELATED: Karla Alvarez Dead: From ‘Maria Mercedes’ To ‘La Mentira' These Are The Telenovelas We Will Always Remember Her For [PHOTOS]

The Italian widower confessed his addiction problems with alcohol and wouldn't reveal if álvarez suffered from the same disease. "I confessed that I like tequila, eat well, wine, I am Italian. What I am trying to say is that it was my fault, I made mistakes, but I loved her very much and she loved me too. All I can say about her is that she was marvelous." El Universal, interviewed Karla's father and denied that D'Agostino was married to her. "Don't believe him, they are lies. Antonio is a charlatan and an opportunist," he said. RELATED: Karla Alvarez, Mexican Telenovela Actress, Dies At 41 From Alleged Respiratory Failure

The untimely death of Karla álvarez shocked the Latin show business after her unexpected and sudden death. Kate del Castillo who worked with Karla in 1998 on the Televisa producion of "La Mentira" expressed her sadness towards the loss of the actress. "You left too soon my dear Karla álvarez, you will be missed here," the actress wrote on Instagram with a picture of both of them on the set of the telenovela they co-starred in. "I will never forget the marvelous moments that we lived together. My prayers are with your family." Telenovela queen Thalía, who was the lead of "Maria Merceds" in Karla's first telenovela also expressed her condolences. "Very saddened by the parting of Karlita álvarez. Great memories of 'María Mercedes.' Prayers for her family. Rest in peace." Aracely Arámbula who worked with the actress in "Alma Rebelde" said, "Deeply saddened today... I feel sorry for the loss of our dear colleague Karla. I love you álvarez and I hug you from here.." RELATED: Karla Alvarez Death Shocks Thalia, Kate Del Castillo, Other Celebrities Remember Her