Karla Souza and Adrián Olivares
Courtesy Karla Souza

MIAMI - As the Latin music world continues to grieve the loss of Adrián Olivares, the former Menudo member who passed away at 48, his family has publicly expressed its devastation. Known as the only Mexican to join the iconic band, Olivares leaves behind a legacy of music and love. His sister, acclaimed actress Karla Souza, offered a moving farewell that has touched the hearts of many.

Olivares suddenly died this week after failing to survive a planned surgery. He left three children and thousands of fans who have expressed their pain on social media.

Karla Souza's goodbye to her brother

The star of "Nosotros los Nobles" and "How to Get Away with Murder" took to Instagram to share a deeply emotional tribute to her brother. In a video showcasing their joyous moments, Souza expressed her gratitude and love for him.

"Each note I play on any guitar and every song I hear from now on, I'll think of you, brother. Your achieved dreams opened the door to mine. Thank you for aiming high, Piolín," she wrote, using a cherished nickname for Adrián.

Karla's message was filled with profound sorrow and appreciation. She lamented the lost opportunities to spend more time together but found solace in his faith and goodness.

"We had too many things left to do together. Knowing your full and genuine faith, I have no doubt that today, heaven and its angels are celebrating. I love you. Say hi to dad for me," she added.

Heartfelt messages pour in

The actress's poignant post quickly garnered an outpouring of support from fans and colleagues. Notable figures in the entertainment industry, including director Manolo Caro, Miguel Rodarte, Ana Claudia Talancón, and Tania Lizardo, left messages of condolences and support.

Comments such as "What a beautiful and powerful message. Rest in peace," "My deepest condolences, a big hug and endless blessings," and "May life give you the strength you need to continue," flooded her post, reflecting the widespread impact of Adrián's passing.

Daughter Eliana Olivares posts a carrousel with photos and a moving message

"I'm at a loss for words. Daddy, I love you forever. You have shown me love, guidance, strength and many more things that I wouldn't know without you. I still can't process the fact that you are gone and that I can't give you a hug or tell you how much I love you. You are the best dad a girl can ask for. I know you are in God's hands and I'm so grateful to have you as my guardian angel. Love you forever daddy," she wrote.

Adrián Olivares's death was announced on Monday by his former Menudo bandmates, who united in mourning his loss and wishing him a peaceful journey. While the exact cause of death remains unconfirmed, some reports suggest that Adrián succumbed to complications from a recent gastrointestinal surgery.

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