Menudo band three ex members have died
Courtesy El Reencuentro

The beloved Menudo family has lost another of its members this week as Adrián Olivares, remembered fondly by fans for his contributions to the band, has passed away. He was the first member of the most successful boy band in Latin music and the only Mexican to have ever been part of the group.

His death marks the third loss in recent years for the iconic group, following the untimely deaths of Anthony Galindo and Ray Reyes.

Deaths in Menudo

Venezuelan Anthony Galindo was the first member of the legendary band. Known to many as Papi Joe, he died of suicide on October 3, 2020, a tragedy his family attributed to the severe depression worsened by the isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic. His death was a profound blow to Menudo fans and former bandmates alike, who remembered him for his vibrant stage presence and warm personality​.

Less than a year later, in April 2021, the Menudo community was again shaken following the loss of Ray Reyes, who died from a stroke in Puerto Rico. Reyes, whose deep voice and dynamic performances left a lasting impression on the band's legacy, was mourned deeply by those who knew him and by fans around the world.

Former members of the band, including Lozada, Miguel Cancel, René Farrait, and Ricky Meléndez, who were getting ready to share the stage with Reyes as part of "El Súbete a Mi Moto Tour," traveled to his hometown to be part of his funeral. Draco Rosas also was part of the service. Ricky Martin and Charly Massó sent heartfelt messages.

According to family and friends, Adrián Olivares died on July 9th, 2024 after not surviving a planned surgery. He lived in Miami and was a successful producer and owner of Wynwood Podcasting.

How are the older Menudos?

Menudo, formed in Puerto Rico in the late 1970s, quickly became a cultural phenomenon unparalleled in the history of Latin music, captivating audiences with their catchy songs and charismatic performances. The original lineup included Fernando, Nefty Sallaberry, Carlos, Óscar, and Ricky Meléndez. The band's policy of rotating members once they turned 15 ensured a constant infusion of fresh talent but also resulted in a staggering number of over 30 members.

The oldest ex-Menudo are Neftaly and Carlos, 60 and 59, respectively. At 58 years old, Fernando Sallaberry, one of the group's earliest and most beloved members, has been battling a severe neuromuscular disease for years. This condition, which has no cure, has left him confined to a wheelchair and reliant on his family's support for daily activities. Despite these challenges.

Menudo is back

In 2022, Menudo experienced a revival with a new lineup, aiming to bring the magic of the original band to a new generation. This new group has generated significant buzz, proving Menudo's timeless and universal appeal. The new members are dedicated to honoring the legacy of their predecessors while carving out their place in music history.​

As fans remember Adrián Olivares, Anthony Galindo, and Ray Reyes, we reflect on the joy and inspiration they brought to millions. Their music, energy, and undeniable charm will never be forgotten. Their legacy lives on, not only in the hearts of their fans but also in the new generation of Menudo, who continue to carry the torch forward.

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