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MIAMI - Karol G's Mañana Será Bonito tour is transcending the typical boundaries of concert series.This tour has become a platform where the Colombian star is fulfilling her childhood dreams.

This past weekend, in front of an electrified crowd at the Estadio Monumental Simón Bolívar in Caracas, Venezuela, Karol G created a magical moment by inviting Servando and Florentino Primera, the duo she admired in her youth, to join her on stage. It was a magical moment not only for her fans but also for the fans of the Venezuelan duo and the teen salsa band, Salserín.

It was her second date in the Venezuelan capital, and her first visit to the country in 12 years.

Back to the 90's

The atmosphere in Caracas was electric during Karol G's second concert, capturing the essence of a dream coming to life. The audience, already riding a wave of euphoria, reached an even higher level of excitement when the Colombian artist nostalgically recalled, "I remember singing this song with my friends at school... I hope you all know and remember it because it deserves to have this stadium blow up."

As the first chords of "De sol a sol," one of Salserín's biggest hits, began to play, Servando and Florentino Primera took the stage, elevating the energy to new heights. This song, deeply rooted in her childhood memories, symbolized more than a melody to Karol G; it was a shinny bridge linking her past to her present, a childhood dream unfolding in the most spectacular way.

Engulfed in the moment, Karol G, as excited as any fan, transformed back into her younger self, Carolina Giraldo, who once learned all the Salserín choreographies in school. She sang and danced with the Primera brothers, her infectious smile beaming throughout the performance, symbolizing the joy of reliving cherished memories and fulfilling long-held dreams on stage.

Yesterday was also bonito

The journey of the Mañana Será Bonito tour has been an embodiment of Karol G's dedication and passion. Each performance has been a testament to her journey, from a dream-filled girl in Medellín to an international music icon.

Her collaborations with other artists have added layers of depth and authenticity to her tour. In Mexico City, she was joined by Anahí for a rendition of "Sálvame," a performance that reignited Anahí's passion for touring, and led to the succesfull RBD tour.

At Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, in a spontaneous turn of events, Karol G was invited by Aventura to perform alongside them after being spotted in the audience, showcasing her versatility and spontaneity​​. It also opened the door to her later collaboration with Romeo Santos.


Karol.G y grupo aventura cantan juntos en el Dodger stadium 🏟

♬ original sound - 👊🏽

Karol G's tour, having started with a bang in the United States, where she achieved record-breaking attendance and revenue, has now moved across Latin America. It has not just been a series of concerts but a profound journey, each stop bringing her closer to her fans and her roots.

After a remarkable series of performances across Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and Venezuela, she is now set to continue her tour in Europe, starting in Zurich in June and concluding in Madrid with four sold-out shows at the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu​​​​.

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