Karol G new merengue
Courtesy Bichota Records

MIAMI - Colombian superstar Karol G has made a successful foray into merengue with her latest track "Si antes te hubiera conocido." The vibrant music video, filmed in San Pedro de Macorís, is already being hailed as the summer's hottest hit. This catchy tune, a collaboration with Coca-Cola, was performed live for the first time during the artist's second concert in London this week, a highlight of her ongoing European tour.

Co-written by Karol G and Puerto Rican artist Ríos, as well as Latin Grammy record nominated composers and producers Édgar Barrera and Sky, the song explores the poignant what-ifs of love, with lyrics reflecting on a potential relationship thwarted by timing. The chorus wistfully muses: "¿Qué hubiera sido? Si antes te hubiera conocido. Seguramente, estarías bailando esta conmigo. No como amigos."

Within just 18 hours of its release, the song had already garnered 2.5 million views on YouTube—the second most viewed on the platform—a testament to Karol G's magnetic appeal and the infectious rhythm of merengue.

A fan feud?

Joining the ranks of artists like Bad Bunny, Becky G, Maluma, Rosalía, Mau y Ricky, Camilo, and Manuel Turizo, Karol G embraces the native sound of the Dominican Republic with this track.

Some of Rosalía's fans, obviously confused about the history of merengue, accused her of copying their artist. The Spanish singer-songwriter's "Despechá" was one of the biggest hits of 2022. "If anything, we could say that Rosalía is guilty of cultural appropriation, since merengue is one of the most authentic rhythms from Latin America," said one of Karol fans on X (Twitter.)

A more fun and hopeful take has been adopted by her and her boyfriend's Feid fans, who have interpreted the part of the lyrics that says, "Yo me caso contigo. Mi nombre suena bien con tu apellido," as a marriage proposal on her part.

A love letter to the Dominican Republic

The music video showcases the vibrant community of Miramar in San Pedro de Macorís, featuring local Dominican residents and Colombian influencer Inesita, 88, renowned for her charming cooking tutorials. In a heartfelt Instagram post, Karol G expressed her deep affection for the Dominican Republic, revealing that she recorded part of her album "Mañana Será Bonito" there.

"RD is a country I owe so much to... part of Mañana Será Bonito was worked on there. When I need to disconnect from the world and reconnect with myself, that's where I go."

"Its culture, its music, its colors, the hospitality, the energy... everything feels so authentic and special there. The people have embraced me in a way that fills my heart and inspires me all the time." - Karol G

Karol G's European tour has been a triumph, with sold-out shows and enthusiastic fans across the continent. Her live performance in London not only marked the debut of her new song but also highlighted her incredible stage presence and ability to connect with audiences worldwide. As she continues her tour, fans eagerly await what else this multi-award-winning artist has in store.

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