Kate del Castillo, Angelica Rivera
Kate del Castillo is taking out some dirty laundry regarding Angélica Rivera's salary in Televisa. Getty Images

Kate del Castillo is throwing some major shade at Angélica Rivera after revealing that Rivera's paycheck in Televisa was not a "normal" one.

In a recent interview with Carmen Aristegui for CNN en Español, Kate confessed that what she earned during the time she worked for the Mexican network was nothing compared to what former actress and now wife of President Enrique Peña Nieto allegedly made while she was also in Televisa.

According to Kate, Mexico's First Lady earned 100 million pesos (nearly $6 million) after her 25 year trajectory in Televisa. "I was never paid that way, I never earned that money," Del Castillo told Aristegui. She also referred to the multi-million dollar house that Rivera and Peña Nieto purchased earlier this year, where it was believed that the property was bought with Government money. The Mexican government, however, states that the couple bought the controversial "White House" in Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico with the money that the former telenovela actress received from Televisa.

"I wouldn't have [money] to buy myself a house of that size, maybe miss Angélica does, I don't know. It's not the standard," she added, emphasizing that Rivera's pay is "abnormal." "When I was in Televisa, I was one of the protagonists actress, important in the company," said the 43-year-old star, adding that she had to borrow money from the network to file for her divorce because her salary was not enough. "I have a lot of love for Televisa, my parents live off Televisa, but we'd never earn that amount of money," she said.

Check out the complete interview below, where she and actor Rodrigo Santoro also promote their latest film "The 33" out November 13.

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