Following the recent successful launch of the charity “Los Angeles in Mexico” founded by Kate del Castillo, Ana de la Reguera, Karla Souza and Olga Segura, Pantaya just announced that they will join forces with the team to provide much needed financial resources to help the organization fulfill its mission.

“Los Angeles in Mexico” aims to provide long-term assistance to those affected by the recent earthquakes in Mexico in a non-governmental manner, and to assist in the reconstruction of specific areas and related projects on Mexican soil.

"In the wake of the devastation caused by the earthquakes in Mexico, we join in solidarity with our friends at Los Angeles in Mexico and commit ourselves to support their mission through these donations, which will undoubtedly benefit the affected communities, which are not only crucial for our business and where many of our colleagues and friends reside, but are also part of our Latino family at large," said Paul Presburger, CEO of Pantaya. "We are proud to be able to help make a difference on such an important cause, and we applaud the excellent work Kate, Ana, Karla and Olga are doing."

"We are very grateful that Pantaya has joined our cause. For us, these kinds of collaborations are extremely important, because we believe that the only way to rebuild our Mexico will be as a team,” explains Olga Segura. "We invite other companies to join our cause for the long term, because this is a job that will take years," Ana de la Reguera added.

Pantaya, the new premium streaming service for Spanish-language movies, will donate $1 for each active subscription it has amassed since its launch earlier this summer and new ones it gains through the conclusion of 2017. They also will donate $3 for each new subscription originating from the "Los Angeles in Mexico" website and the non profit’s social media channels using the code "ANGEL.”

The four Mexican artists are personally and directly responsible for designing and overseeing donation campaigns, identifying and selecting the specific causes and organizations that best operate in each area. Donations for this noble cause can be made directly here where you can also buy support t-shirts designed by the well-known artist Gabriel Orozco.