Kate del Castillo is the latest celebrity that fell victim of violating her privacy by having intimate photos leaked online. The pictures were not as racy as those by Montserrat Oliver and her partner, but there were Del Castillo's breasts are exposed. So far the Mexican actress has not made a public statement, but her sister Verónica Del Castillo has. In an interview with "Ventaneando" she said that in the days leading up to the leak, Kate was blackmailed.

"The truth is that we don't know much about it," she said via telephone on the TV Azteca show. "I talked to Kate when I started receiving calls from the media. She was surprised just as I was. All I can say is that a couple days ago a woman called her and tried to blackmail her. She asked for money in exchange of not publishing the photos. [Kate] told her that she had nothing to hide and didn't fall for the extortion." Watch the interview below and tell us what you think!

Oliver who's nude photos were leaked online, blasted those people that violated her privacy and is working with authorities to find the culprits. "I am profoundly sad, hurt and vulnerable for the hack of my personal pictures that are going around on social media," she wrote. "I join the women that in the last weeks have denounced abuse of gender. The violation of my privacy to make public something so personal and to even alter the images to raise the morbidity is abuse. I know I am not the first public figure in the world that has their privacy invaded in this way, but I hope I am one of the last ones. It hurts that after 30 years of an untouchable career they only want to see my intimacy. I ask for your help to stop making these images go viral and show how we can band together. Thank you."

Kate del Castillo was recently in the center of controversy when she alluded to a catalogue at Televisa that was used to "offer" actresses to publicists. In the "The Day I Met El Chapo" series she said: "In the dinners with the publicists you were basically a selected if they invited you to the meetings because literally those gatherings were where they offered the actresses to publicists that are the people that put money in Televisa."

In a follow up interview she peddled back on those words and explained what she meant. "I never talked about a catalogue, I only talked about the dinners with the publicists that were the ones I was invited to," she said in an interview. "When I found out what they were, that they were basically to sit and entertain the publicists I said 'no because I work in this network as an actress, that's not my job, but if they invite me to a dinner, I'll go with my boyfriend.' I had a boyfriend at the time, that they knew about. I was offended by the proposal and when I found out what it was really about I felt even more offended, I thought it was deplorable."

Kate del Castillo also added: "That was in my time, I don't know if they still have those dinners and I am not saying that they're all like that, but in my time there they were, because I am sure things like that happened in the other networks like Azteca, Univision and Telemundo."