Mexican actress Kate Del Castillo launched her sixth campaign with PETA Latino to fight against the use of animal skin or fur in the fashion industry. A poster of Kate posing nude for the first time for the organization was unveiled in Manhattan, across from Macy's in Herald Square, a location that was chosen by PETA because according to them, the shopping center still sells fur coats. The photo is accompanied by the message of "I prefer to be naked than to wear fur."

"I'm trying to help as much as possible because we all have to put a little bit on our side," said the actress and activist according to Infobae. According to PETA the actress fought the freezing temperatures in the city of New York to unveil her newest campaign. The striking image in which she poses nude, shows her wearing only ice floes and standing in an arctic landscape.

Kate del Castillo Kate Del Castillo poses nude for PETA Latino. Photo: PETA

During a behind-the-scenes video interview, the star of Ingobernable explains to PETA Latino that being beautiful has nothing to do with the clothes she dresses; Beauty comes from the inside. "You can see the mirror and not reproach yourself ... that makes you beautiful," explains the actress.

"There’s nothing more beautiful than your own skin! This winter, let animals keep theirs & instead go Fur Free," wrote Kate on her Instagram along the picture.