One of the biggest questions one might ask about Kate Middleton is how her relationship goes with the Queen and the rest of the royal family. Apparently, the Duchess of Cambridge is doing well.

Kate may be royalty, but she was once a commoner. However, she made adapting to royal life a walk in the park as she always exhibits grace and impeccable style. Is it the same, though, with the duchess’ relationship with the rest of the royal family?

With The Queen

The public has been well informed of the relationship of Kate and Her Majesty. The Queen invited Kate to Windsor Castle for Prince William’s induction to Royal Order of the Garter. Reports claim that the relationship of Her Majesty and Kate has developed a stronger bond throughout the years. In fact, the Queen chose to spend time with Prince William and Kate’s family when Her Majesty celebrated the day she exceeded Queen Victoria’s record as the longest-serving monarch of all time.

With Prince Harry

Kate and Prince Harry came to know each other when Prince William started dating the Duchess in 2003. Kate has become Prince Harry’s big sister, to whom the Duke of Sussex turns for advice, including romantic ones. The Duchess of Cambridge was one of the first persons Meghan Markle met when Meghan and Prince Harry started dating.

With Prince Charles

There were not much news or confirmation on how Kate is getting along with her father-in-law, Prince Charles. While Kate often comments on how warm and welcoming Prince Charles is, rumors say the opposite about Prince Charles.

One of the ugly news that spread between the two is that Prince Charles asked Prince William to call off his engagement to Kate if the Duke of Cambridge will not propose immediately.

Another rumor was that Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Parker-Bowles influenced the alleged calling off of the engagement because Bowles does not want Kate to be in their ranks. The nasty rumor, however, was refuted when Bowles gave Kate a personalized bracelet for her wedding.

Another rumor surrounding the prince and the Duchess of Cambridge was that Prince Charles was closer to Meghan than Kate and that he described Meghan as the daughter he never had.

With Princess Beatrice And Princess Eugenie

Rumors of Princess Diana and Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson feuding started ages back, but until now nothing has been confirmed. The rumors have been passed down to their children that it led to rumors about Kate and the duchess’ daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, feuding too.

However, Kate and the princesses are friendly to each other. Princess Beatrice and Kate have been spotted together in several occasions because of their common friends. Princess Eugenie, who was also reported to be socializing with Kate’s sister, Pippa, and brother, James, invited Kate to her wedding.

With Other Royalties

Kate dated Prince William for years, which gave the duchess time to integrate herself into the royal circle. So it is no longer surprising that Kate is able to get along well with other members of the royal family.