Katie Holmes is said to be very upset as she always sees her beau, Jamie Foxx, hanging out with women and flirting with them. A friend of the actor reportedly said that Foxx loves to party and is regularly seen with women, and he quite understands why the actress is irritated.

A report titled “Katie Catches Jamie Flirting” was published in Life & Style magazine, wherein the publication claimed that Holmes saw pictures of her boyfriend cozying up with barely dressed women during a beach volleyball game in Leonardo DiCaprio’s home in Malibu. The event was said to have taken place on Independence Day during the fourth of July celebration.

“Holmes was seeing stars,” Foxx’s friend supposedly told the magazine. “Long-distance relationships like theirs require a lot of trust and communication, but Jamie’s the kind of guy who loves to go out partying and he’s always being seen with other women.”

The source added that he’s certain that Holmes wants Foxx to stop his unashamed flirting because it’s simply disrespectful. However, Gossip Cop refuted this allegation because the report is flawed and presents some conflicting details.

The gossip police also stated that the article’s source doesn’t seem to really exist and was possibly made up in order to concoct a story. It also reached out to Suri Cruise’s mom’s representative and was told that the report is totally false.

Gossip Cop also pointed out that the actor is not a fool to be blatantly flirting with women when he’s out partying as he’s aware of the presence of paparazzi. Thus, there’s no truth that Holmes found pictures of him being extra cozy with women. The photos taken in DiCaprio’s home were said to be decent, and there’s nothing in the pictures that will cause Holmes to be upset.

The truth is — Holmes and Foxx have been spending time together as much as they can. And when they do, they're only focused on each other. Since their homes are far apart, they try to make time to meet and go on dates like simple dinners or walks in parks.

Foxx and Holmes officially confirmed their relationship after appearing on the red carpet at the Met Gala in May. The couple had never confirmed or talked about their romance since being linked in 2013. Thus, their appearance at the gala night was a really big surprise.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx
Photo of Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx. Shahar Azran/WireImage

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