The Matrix trilogy has remained one of the favorite science fiction franchise. The much-anticipated Matrix 4 will bring back the original actors from the trilogy, including Keanu Reeves.

While fans are anticipated some significant details to be revealed about the plot of the upcoming Matrix 4, Reeves decided to put forward a cryptic message that has left people even more confused than before.

During a recent interaction concerning the promotion of Bill & Ted Face the Music, the discussion shifted to the return of Reeves as Neo in Matrix 4. Even though he has been careful about releasing any information about the movie, he did tease that ana Wachowski has crafted a "love story."

Wachowski is back as the director of the next installment of Matrix franchisee.

In the original trilogy, love was always there between Neo and Trinity. If the fans go by the words of Reeves’, it is going to be even bigger and better this time around.

Even though fans are anticipating a lot of thrilling and exciting action sequences, it is expected that love will be an important part of the plot. However, how that will be pictured and incorporated into the plot is yet to be seen.

“It’s another version of a kind of call to wake up and it has some great action. All will be revealed,” Reeves said during the interaction, a comment that has left fans even more confused.

In the original trilogy, Neo decides to wake up from the simulation to fight against the machines. And if we go by Reeves’ cryptic message, the new movie will have a different “call to action.”

The 56-year-old actor is expected to post more such cryptic messages in the future concerning the plot of Matrix 4. The movie is expected to release in April 2022.

Keanu Reeves CHARLIE ROCKET/Flickr