Kendall Jenner was reportedly so full of herself when she attended the wedding of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin last week. A recent report claimed that Jenner spent all her time at the nuptials taking selfies and talking about herself, the reason that some of the wedding guests were allegedly a bit annoyed by her presence.

Reports about Bieber and Baldwin’s wedding had been around for months, but neither Bieber nor Baldwin confirmed when their actual wedding was going to happen. When photos of their wedding made the rounds online on the very day of the event, fans were shocked how they were able to keep their wedding date a secret within their circle.

One of the famous celebrities who attended the event was Jenner, who has been a close friend of Baldwin for years. On the day of the wedding, Jenner shared on Instagram a selfie of her with Fai Khadra, her date that evening. “We don’t date he’s just my date,” she captioned the photo.

Shortly after Jenner posted her selfie from the event, a report came out claiming that the supermodel spent her entire time at the wedding minding only one thing: herself.

The publication claimed that Jenner took hundreds of selfies during Bieber and Baldwin’s big day and yapped endlessly about her life to the other guests in attendance. An insider allegedly told the tabloid how annoying Jenner was at the nuptials. “The most self-absorbed person ever!” the source described her.

But while it’s true that Jenner attended Bieber and Baldwin’s wedding, it’s not true that she spent her whole time taking selfies and talking about herself. The tabloid that published the report only took advantage of the hype surrounding the event by making up a story about Jenner, who in fact posted only one selfie on her Instagram.

Gossip Cop also debunked the report after checking in with a spokesperson for Kendall Jenner. The spokesperson told the publication on the record that the report was absolutely false.

The rumor-busting publication also noted how the same tabloid published a false report claiming that Jenner was debuting a new romance with Khadra when they’re only friends who happened to enjoy each other’s company at their friend’s wedding.

Kendall Jenner Kendall Jenner at the 2014 Met Ball. Getty Images