It’s never a good idea to tamper with physical evidence. Julie Miller, a resident of Kentucky, learned it the hard way.

Miller was asked to provide urine for a drug test on Monday by the Pineville Police Department, as part of her scheduled probation visit. The 40-year-old addict, who was certain that the results would be positive, decided to tread on a rather risky path and use her dog’s urine instead, sending it over to officials as her own.

The act of “snucking in a sample of urine,” however, didn’t yield the results she expected. The cops could see through the foul play and decided to confront her.

Despite denying it initially, Miller finally admitted to having used her dog’s urine to escape detection. She went on to reveal that she had used methamphetamine and the painkiller Suboxone as well. The revelations led to her arrest.

Miller is currently housed at the Bell County Detention Centre, where she faces multiple charges that include trafficking in a controlled substance and tampering with physical evidence.

In another bizarre incident, a Maine couple was caught smoking cocaine inside their car, with their 1-year-old baby strapped inside. Jacob Moulton, 28, and Desirae Cushman, 32, were exposed after a sergeant caught them in the act at the lot.

The couple was lit up on Saturday in an isolated parking lot, revealed police. Moulton and Cushman were immediately arrested, and the child, who wasn’t identified by the cops, has been placed under the custody of a relative. A representative from the state’s Department of Health and Human Services was alerted. But this is not all.

Moulton and Cushman faced multiple charges, such as the unlawful possession of drugs and endangering the welfare of a child. As per a media outlet, they were ordered held on $500 bail.

Ironically, Cushman seems to have portrayed a social media appearance that was diametrically opposed to her reality. Her Facebook profile contained several images of young children, as well as pictures of Moulton. A caption of a snap with a young girl read, “She’s our future. I stand with girls.”

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