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Carlos Villagrán, the Mexican actor known for his role as 'Kiko' in the iconic show "El Chavo del 8," set social media abuzz in a viral video where he is shown dancing on stage, dressed as the character that gave him international fame.

At the age of 80 and having recently recovered from prostate cancer, Villagrán is reprising some of Kiko's dancing steps during his current tour in Mexico, which he announced would be his last. He has been doing Kiko skits for more than four decades. It hasn't been easy. He even had to fight legally for the right to do it.

He seemed to be one of those people with the secret of eternal youth.

The stumble that went viral

The perception changed after he almost fell while getting on stage. Seeing Villagrán wobble made people realize that Kiko is now an old man.


📢 Carlos Villagrán, conocido por su papel de Quico en El Chavo del 8, cumplió sus 80 años hace algunos días y a pesar de problemas de salud, se viraliza un video del actor interpretando a su famoso personaje, que sigue siendo querido por los fans. 👉 Villagrán se unió al elenco de Chespirito tras un encuentro creativo con Rubén Aguirre y participó en el programa Sábados de la Fortuna, donde nació el sketch de El Chavo del 8. Bajo la tutela de Chespirito, Quico estuvo en pantalla de 1972 a 1978, siendo un personaje entrañable para los seguidores. #quico #kiko #elchavo #visionshow

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The reactions were mixed. Some people criticized the actor's choice to continue embodying this character at his advanced age, using terms such as "ridiculous," "out of place," and "pathetic." Others have expressed concern or pity, suggesting it's unfortunate he has to continue working.

However, most people made a point of showing admiration and support. "What is wrong with you, mocking Kiko for working and enjoying his work at his age," wrote a fan.

However, Villagrán's lively dance sparked an astonishing conversation on social media about aging, older artists, his legacy, and the right to work at any age. The discussion even ventured into politics, with comparisons drawn between the work ethic of the Mexican actor and that of the current President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

"Here we can see a ridiculous and decadent old man, who struggles to stay current and that is why he has a show doing silly things, who is only watched by people with no dignity or self respect. The other is the great Carlos Villagrán 'Kiko'," wrote another person.

Ageism and showbiz

This unexpected connection highlighted the diverse perspectives on aging and professional activity. While some viewed Villagrán's continued performances as a testament to his enduring passion and dedication, others used them as a lens to critique broader societal and political issues related to aging, employment, and respect for senior citizens. The debate underscored a significant cultural conversation about the value and visibility of older individuals in the workforce, particularly in the public eye.

"Chaplin, Cantinflas, the three Stooges, etc. made several generations happy. With Kiko to the death," wrote a fan.

"He may be 80, but he represents the child we all carry inside, and that many of us let it die. My respect," wrote another fan.

In this context, Villagrán's dance not only entertained but also served as a catalyst for a deeper exploration of ageism and the rights of older individuals to engage in meaningful work. It brought to light the varying attitudes towards aging in the entertainment industry and beyond, prompting a reevaluation of societal norms and expectations regarding age and productivity.

There is also the fact that Villagrán has said several times that he still plays Kiko our of necessity, although he also considers himself a lucky man "because I have been happy and made people happy all my life."

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