A man in South Dakota has been arrested for the murder of his brother on Sunday, Dec. 12, and his brother’s pregnant wife the next day following a moment where he reportedly “snapped” and resolved to brutally kill them.

Brent Monroe Hanson, 57, has been arrested and charged with murder after violently killing his brother Clyde Hanson and his wife Jessica Hanson in a supposed sudden rage. Their three-year-old child Ty, however, was spared from the brutal slaying and is now in police custody, the Daily Beast reported.

Clyde was reportedly killed on Sunday by Brent after whacking him in the head with a baseball bat multiple times. When Jessica found Clyde’s body on Monday morning, Brent allegedly slammed a machete to her head, effectively killing her.

“I snapped,” he reportedly said when asked about his brother’s whereabouts, before making what the police report notes were a “slashing motion”.

The Hansons’ house was first given a wellness check after a delivery person found blood on the front door. Brent reportedly denied that the couple lived there, before their bodies were found inside the house.

Brent lived with his brother Clyde’s family, living on the first floor of the home while Clyde, Jessica, and their three-year-old child lived on the second floor of the residence, according to Keloland.

Brent had previously been reported by Jessica in July following an assault where he repeatedly hit her on the head and the sides of her skull after a dispute they had regarding a dog. Milbank Police officer Jacob Folk had requested a warrant for Brent’s arrest, but it appears that he was not arrested for that incident.

The killer is currently in custody with a $5 million bond.

The Hanson child is currently being processed by police, hopefully changing the custody of the young toddler to Jessica’s family soon.

South Dakota resident Brent Hanson has been arrested after he reportedly murdered his brother Clyde and sister-in-law Jessica by bludgeoning them with a baseball bat and a machete, respectively. This is a representational image. Christian Lue/Unsplash.

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