Aside from their obvious wealth and popularity, the Kardashians have been known for flaunting their glamorous lifestyle online and the photoshop fails that come along with it. 

Thanks to the keen observation of their social media followers, the celebrity family can easily become the talk of the town with just a single photo. 

The Kardashians are notorious for their bad photoshop skills in their attempts to make their photos look better. 

In fact, a simple Google search of “Kardashian photoshop fails” would produce pages and pages of results with articles that have compiled their badly edited photos through the years. 

Recently, their most famous member, Kim Kardashian, has been questioned once again by eagle-eyed followers thanks to her latest post on Instagram along with her equally popular younger sister, Kylie Jenner.

Fans have called out the picture when they noticed the odd appearance of her hand in the photo. 

Despite the captivating beauty of the sisters against a lively and colorful background, fans still managed to direct their gaze towards the alleged photoshop fail. 

If you look closely at the photo, you’ll see that Kim’s thumb is roughly the same size as all her other fingers, which begs to ask the question, “Who are they going to fire next?”

However, the suspected photoshop fail might just be due to a bad angle or maybe that’s what fingers really look like from that angle? 

Is this just a simple case of a wring perspective or is it really photoshopped? Will they ever be able to find the perfect artist with mad photoshop skills to make their social media photos even more awesome? Only time, and highly observant Instagram followers, will be able to tell.

Just goes to show that no amount of money could give you a perfect life.