As Muzan’s Giant Baby form disintegrated into nothingness with the rising sun, the slayers assumed that the worst is finally over. However, recently released “Kimetsu no Yaiba” Chapter 201 spoilers reveal that it is never that easy to deal with someone like Muzan.

Indeed a few “Demon Slayer” Chapter 201 speculations have been putting forth the possibility that Muzan actually survived despite the dissolution of his Giant Baby form. It turns out that they were right as the demon actually survived by possessing his enemy, Tanjiro.

Untranslated “Kimetsu no Yaiba” Chapter 201 scans reveal how the demon managed to achieve the feat. While Tanjiro was no longer breathing, Muzan noted that not all of his cells are dead. He then injected some of his blood into Tanjiro to save him before his Giant Baby form was completely dissolved.

“Kamado Tanjiro, you will conquer the sun and become the strongest demon,” Muzan told the still unconscious Tanjiro. “Accomplish my dream, Tanjiro. Annihilate the Demon Slayers in my place.”

Tanjiro then suddenly revives. This shocks Giyuu since he is closest to Tanjiro at that point.

However, he suddenly notices that something is off. Giyuu then realizes that Tanjiro actually turned into the very thing they were fighting against.

“Tanjiro turned into a demon!” Giyuu announces the situation to the rest. “Restrain him under the Sun, kill him before he kills another person!”

Zenitsu can’t believe the cruel turn of events. Just when they defeated Muzan, their comrade suddenly turns into a demon.

Inosuke will likewise be depressed at what happened to Tanjiro. “We are brothers-in-arms,” he still remembers what the three of them said.

“If someone goes down the wrong path we must stop them, no matter how unbearable,” Zenitsu reminds everyone. “We must walk the right path.”

But Inosuke will stop him. “I will stop him,” he says. “I will kill him.” Then he attacks Tanjiro.

But when his blade was about to slice Tanjiro’s neck, he hesitates. As his friend, he can’t bring himself to decapitate Tanjiro. “I cannot do it,” he said. Then the chapter ends.

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