‘Kingdom Hearts III’ And ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Release Date Announced? Square Enix Teases 2014 Launch

A battle in "Kingdom Heart: Birth By Sleep." Fans of the video game series are most likely going to see the final installment of the series, "Kingdom Hearts 3" at some point during 2014. kingdomhearts3dddd.wikia.com

“Kingdom Hearts III” and “Final Fantasy XV” fans may finally have something to rejoice about, after serious years of waiting, release dates for both of the popular game series have been hinted at. On Jan. 31, The Game Inquirer reported that Square Enix sent out a highly anticipated press release for the upcoming 2014 titles set for launch in the United Kingdom. Amongst the widely popular titles “KH 3” and “FF 15,” Square Enix is also set to release “Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster,” “Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII,”  “Thief,” and “Murdered: Soul Suspect.” These titles have exact release dates, while “KH 3” and “FF 15” are only set to be released sometime in the year. Some fans may be disappointed that the release date of 2014 is still a vague, but after nearly 10 years of waiting, a few more months is certainly doable.

Square Enix has not yet officially confirmed on when the two role-playing games will be released, despite both titles being officially announced last June at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. While not yet confirmed, the company has commented on the internal document leak stating, “We’re aware an internal document has been in circulation listing release dates for select Square Enix titles. This information contained in this document is inaccurate and features placeholder timing. Specifically -- no announcement has been made to date for Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV -- their projected release window remains to be advised.” Both titles will be available for the recently released next-generation consoles, the PS4 and Xbox One.

The long delay for “Kingdom Hearts” will most likely prove worth it. In a recent interview with Famitsu, a Japanese gaming magazine, game director, Tetsuya Nomura revealed that Sora’s signature keyblade would no longer just be a simple weapon in the third installment of “Kingdom Hearts.” In the “Birth By Sleep” installment, gamers saw their first glimpse of an advanced keyblade, when the tool transformed into a vehicle. But now Nomura, who serves as game director for "KH3" reveals that there are even more transformations to come. We watched the first keyblade conversion in the preview trailer for the game, which was recently released at the D23 Expo, Sora’s keyblade become a weapon transforming seamlessly into what appeared to be a laser-shooting gun. So we can’t wait to see what else the keyblade, and Nomura will have in store for the soon-to-be released game title.

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