Kristen Stewart reportedly called Miley Cyrus “a phony.” A tabloid recently claimed that Stewart secretly hates Cyrus because of Stella Maxwell, whom they both dated in the past.

Fans of Kristen Stewart and Cyrus know that the two celebrities have been friends for years. In fact, just this year, they were photographed looking chummy together at an Oscars party. However, a tabloid has claimed that Stewart is not a true friend to Cyrus and that the she holds a deep grudge against the singer for dating one of her exes.

According to the tabloid, Stewart is only giving off the impression that she is friendly with Cyrus but she actually hates her in secret. The tabloid claimed that while they have been in the same circle for years, Stewart has never really liked Cyrus and her ways.

“They’ve run in the same circle for years, but Kristen has always had it out for Miley,” the tabloid quoted its unnamed source as saying. “She thinks she’s a phony and that her edginess is contrived,” the source added.

The source allegedly revealed that Stewart particularly hates Cyrus because of Maxwell, accusing the singer of using her ex to satisfy her craving for attention. “Kristen feels like Miley used Stella—and she just has these high-profile romances for attention,” the tipster allegedly said. “She can’t stand it!”

Shortly after the report came out, Gossip Cop published a report dismissing the tabloid’s claims. According to the publication, Miley Cyrus and Stewart have long been close friends and the story was baseless. Gossip Cop reached out to a source close to both celebrities and the source described the report as phony.

The publication went on to question the timing of the tabloid report, as Stewart’s “Charlie’s Angels” movie is set for release in theaters soon and Cyrus’ collaboration with Ariana Grande and Lana Del Ray, “Don’t Call Me Angel,” happens to be the lead single on the movie’s soundtrack. Gossip Cop maintained that the tabloid only published the phony story to take advantage of the hype surrounding the movie.

Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart at Met Ball 2014 Red Carpet. Getty Images