A disturbing video has emerged showing members of the white supremacist group the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) demanding that undocumented migrants be 'shot.' In sickening video from Al Jezeera, Klan members are seen calling for a "white homeland" and suggesting that any undocumented migrants should be shot and that their corpses should be left "laying on the border." The Klan sees it as a way of "stopping immigration."

The Klansmen supposedly represent "Loyal White Knights" of North Carolina, described by Ray as "the largest active KKK operation in America" In the chilling footage, one masked Klansman says "These people are criminals to begin with when they cross our country." The Klansmen are referring to the enormous increase in underage undocumented migrants attempting to cross the border into the US.

"They're gonna continue to break the law when they're here," says the White Knight. "They're bringing with 'em the third-world diseases...If we can't turn them back, I think if we pop a couple of 'em off and leave the corpses laying on the border, maybe they'll see that we're serious about stopping immigration." Their primary objective is the creation of is "A white homeland...I believe we will have it here eventually one day."