'La Candidata' Telenovela Finale Episode
The last episode of "La Candidata" had a shocking scene that viewers were not expecting. Televisa

On the last episode of "La Candidata" viewers were treated to many surprises with a lot of deaths and action. During the last moments of the telenovela though, there was one particular scene that shocked the public greatly. It was the ending to the shady character of Mauro, played by Adalberto Parra. The man wanted to run away with his male lover, who was still in the closet with a wife and kids. Ultimately the guy opted not to leave his family and accept his feelings.

The scene had Mauro faced down in a bed grunting. We then see another, younger, more attractive man come into the scene and lay in bed next to him. He said his work was done and Mauro got money out of his wallet and the gigolo took it and left. A gay sex scene in a Televisa telenovela is not common and that is why it surprised viewers watching the finale. Although it was only suggestive, the imagery it might have caused in conservative families was probably not good. However, we applaud Giselle González and her production team for going forward with a realistic scene and showcasing it, to open people's minds. Watch the scene below and tell us what you think!

"La Candidata" centered on Regina, a congresswoman with strong principles and devoted to her job. She is always looking for her fellowmen’s well-being but that makes her neglect her beloved ones sometimes. She studied and built her professional career next to Alonso, supporting him and contributing with her ideas to his own career. She fell in love with him at a young age and decided to be with him for life. After seeing Alonso has changed his true colors, she breaks down but tries to keep her marriage going so her family won’t fall apart. Gerardo – a man she met in college – was her first love, but due to her parents’ pressure she decided to marry Alonso. She worships her father since she thinks he is an honest and model politician, but she will finally find out that he is rotten just like Alonso. This devastates her but she leans on Gerardo to overcome her pain. Regina’s weakness is her son, whom she loves above all.

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