Alfredo Adame announced for La Casa de los Famosos USA
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MIAMI - The stage is set for a dramatic twist in the fourth season of Telemundo's hit reality show, 'La Casa de los Famosos'. The show announced on Tuesday its most talked-about contestant yet: Mexican personality Alfredo Adame.

Known for his outspoken and often contentious comments, Adame brings an additional layer of drama to a cast that already boasts notable names such as Lupillo Rivera, Maripily Rivera, Daniela "La Bebeshita," Gregorio Pernía, and La Bronca. His inclusion is particularly newsworthy given his recent admission of a disturbing incident from his teenage years in which he claimed to have killed someone. He is often antagonistic toward his colleagues in Mexico. His currency is controversy.

"This is a project of emotional intelligence and ego management that I know will bring many good things," he said about his upcoming show. His participation promises a fresh dynamic to the show, offering viewers an intriguing blend of entertainment and personal growth.

Who is Alfredo Adame

Born in Guadalajara to a Mexican father and a German mother, Adame has carved a unique path in the entertainment industry. Initially pursuing a career in aviation, he worked as a commercial pilot before making a name for himself as a multifaceted actor and TV host. He worked as an actor in 25 telenovelas, among them "Amar sin ley," "La doble vida de Estela Carrillo," and "Lo que la vida me robó." He has also made 15 films and hosted six TV shows.

Lately, however, Adame has been synonymous with controversy and has become more infamous than famous.

In January 2022 he was caught on video engaged in a physical altercation with a family on the streets of Mexico City. The incident reportedly began after a road accident that led to a confrontation involving Adame and several individuals, including a woman and an older man. The videos shared on social media showed Adame hitting a truck, being assaulted by the occupants of the vehicle and then engaging in a physical struggle that left him on the ground.

This event was widely discussed on social media and added to the list of controversies surrounding Adame, who has had previous public disputes with other celebrities like Laura Bozzo, Carlos Trejo, and Andrea Legarreta.

Another shocking revelation came from Adame himself in an interview with journalist Maxine Woodside. He confessed to being involved in the death of a man many years ago. According to Adame, the incident occurred when he was 17 years old and resulted from a physical altercation where he struck the man in the neck. He mentioned that the man, who was the son of a lawyer with mafia ties, later died from the injuries. Adame revealed that he had to go into hiding for about a year with his family's assistance to avoid legal repercussions. This confession has sparked widespread criticism and disbelief on social media, with many people expressing shock and questioning the veracity of his claims.

La Casa de los Famosos México said no to Adame

On the show "Tirando bola" hosted by Franco Escamilla, Adame shared an intriguing story about his involvement with the Mexican version of "La Casa de los Famosos." According to him he was approached by Televisa in February with an offer to join the reality show. He signed a contract, but two months later he was informed that there was no budget for his participation.

Adame later claimed that he found out the real reason he was not included in the show. He learned that other participants had threatened to withdraw from the project if he was part of it. Consequently, the decision was made not to include him in the show.

During his discussion, Adame singled out a few contestants, such as Poncho de Nigris, Sergio Mayer, and Raquel Bigorra, the Cuban actress known for the phrase 'llama ya.' He expressed his understanding of the situation, mentioning that other participants, like Sofía Rivera Torres, the wife of Eduardo Videgaray, had been speaking negatively about him, which might have influenced the decision to exclude him from the show.

All About La Casa de los Famosos 4

Hosted by Ximena Gallego and Nacho Casano, the fourth season of the reality show, known for its elaborate setup of over 60 cameras and microphones, provides an immersive experience, capturing every moment and emotion of the contestants. Each brings their unique flavor to the show, making it a melting pot of cultures, opinions, and entertainment.

As the anticipation builds, more celebrities will be revealed on Thursday, January 18th, during 'La Invasión a La Casa de los Famosos'. Fans can catch this special segment via livestream at 1pm EST/12pm CST/10am PST on digital platforms including, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and X.

LCDLF4 hosts Nacho Lozano Ximena Gallego
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Adame's career, marked by numerous nominations and awards in acting and television hosting, makes him a heavyweight and controversial addition to the show. His background in telenovelas, movies, series, and theater adds a layer of depth and experience that is bound to resonate with the audience.

La Casa de los Famosos 4 premieres on January 23 on Telemundo.

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