Ariadne Díaz returns to telenovelas in "La Doble Vida De Estela Carrillo," a new drama from the producers of "Antes Muerta Que Lichita," "La Fuerza Del Destino" and "Que Pobres Tan Ricos." The series that doesn't have a premiere on Univision yet, centers around a woman that crosses the México-U.S. border illegally. With Donald Trump's order to start building a wall, the story comes at the perfect time. Meet the cast of the new project below and tell us what you think!


Ariadne Díaz (Estela Carrillo/Laura Oviedo): Her real name is Laura Oviedo. She is a loyal, generous, responsible young woman whose dream is to become a Mexican regional music singer. She fell prey easily to Fausto, a handsome guy who promises to help her make a career as a singer. This way, Laura unwillingly joins a prostitution ring where she suffers from humiliations and despicable acts; she also meets Paloma there, who was sold to the same human trafficking ring. Laura and the little girl manage to escape, but at a high cost as they cross the border to the USA illegally and Laura acquires a fake identity, Estela Carrillo’s. She becomes a music teacher, but her name comes to Ryan’s notice, a guy accused of murder who asks her to testify on his behalf. Pushed by the circumstances, she decides to lie and set the murderer free, which puts her at the mercy of a world in which the only way to stay safe is by uncovering who the real Estela Carrillo is. Despite of the situation that brought them together, Estela falls in love with Ryan, but it is Danilo who actually gets to make her overcome the trauma her relationship with Fausto caused in her.

David Zepeda (Ryan Cabrera): He is a passionate and sweet man, but he always represses his feelings, frightened of getting hurt. He owns and is the general manager of Furia Productions. He is accused of committing a murder, but he requests Estela to testify on his behalf and this way he manages to leave jail. Inadvertently, he is attracted to Estela and begins to fall in love with her, but the mysteries and secrets he shares with the real Estela torment his soul and prevent him from truly opening his heart up. He alienates her, but at the same time keeps her close so he can love and protect her. His main goal is to discover who the fake Estela Carrillo really is.

Danilo Carrera (Danilo Cabrera): Danilo was a problem teenager who became a real pain in the neck for his parents. Nevertheless, his attitude changed radically when he started working at Furia Productions. He and his band approached Ryan asking him to be their agent and make them famous. At first, Danilo only felt sexually attracted to Estela, but he eventually learns to love her, to the point of sacrificing himself for her. He admires Estela’s natural talent and he is sure that her collaboration with the band as a choir singer will benefit both of them.

Alejandro Tommassi (Mr. Blake): Although he is not particularly handsome, he has a flawless appearance of an executive, and business man. Nobody would ever suspect what he does for a living since, underneath his façade of a business consultant for important and powerful men (Politicians, businessmen, celebrities, etc.), in fact lies a “provider” of people to “entertain” and satisfy the perversions of a twisted elite of people. He never met Estela until he learns she is still alive and she may have some compromising information. He must kill her, no matter what, to erase any trace that could associate him or his customers with human trafficking and pedophilia.

África Zavala (Morgana Santos)

Erika Buenfil (Mercy Cabrera)

Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez (Chayo)

Vanessa Bauche (Leticia)

Marco Méndez (Asdrúbal)

Lourdes Reyes (Luisa)

Adrián Di Monte (Joe)

Mike Biaggio (Fausto)

Franklin Virgüez (El Talismán)

Claudia Ríos (La Toña)

Luis Uribe (Néstor)

Andrés Zuno (Tom)

Alex Perea (Tadeo)

Carlos Speitzer (El Calao)

Adriana Ahumada (María)

Tania Lizardo (Nina)

Armando Torrea (Steve)

Lara Campos (Paloma)

Yanni Prado (Génesis)

Ermis Cruz (Chavalín)

Omar Medina (Erasmo)

Luis Xavier (Soto)

Héctor Cruz (Ausencio)

Marcos Montero (Horacio)

César Évora

Alfredo Adame

Delia Casanova