'La Gata' Finale Week
Maite Perroni's "La Gata" ends this week on Univision, get a glimpse of what you can expect during finale week here! Televisa

This weeks is "La Gata's" grand finale where we will finally find out if Esmeralda and Pablo will live happily ever after. The telenovela starring Maite Perroni and Daniel Arenas has captivated the Univision audience since the start. The former RBD singer has been in a string of hits for the network like "Cuidado Con El Angel" and "Triunfo del Amor." There's no denying Perroni is a telenovela darling and the public loves her. Prior to this production, Arenas was seen on "Corazón Indomable" opposite Ana Brenda Contreras, which became a massive hit. "La Gata" was the story of a girl that lived in a landfill and forced to pick up trash to make a living. She soon finds out that her parents were part of an evil plan that took them away from their daughter and their fortune. Soon enough Esmeralda and Pablo befriend each other as kids, but the evil Lorenza (Laura Zapata) doesn't allow this friendship as they are from different social classes. Their love prospered through the years, but not without a lot of drama from the villains.

"La Gata" airs its final episode on Friday, February 13 at 7pm on Univision and we have all the juicy details of what will happen during its last week. Monday (Episode 117): The villains do it again and will not stop until they seperate Esmeralda and Pablo. Lorenza throws her mortal venom and makes Pablo doubt Esmeralda. Lorenza and Esmeralda face each other for Pablito. Tuesday (Episode 118): Esmeralda is fed up with Lorenza's mistreatments and she finally stands up to her. Pablo gives in to Lorenza's manipulation and agrees to leave Esmeralda forever. Wednesday (Episode 119): Esmeralda falls in a trap set up by Lorenza and Edgar to seperate her from Pablo. The patience is over and Lorenza and "La Gata" face-off again. Pablo unmasks Lorenza as she fakes being sick. Thursday (Episode 120): Inés and Garabato find out that their child is sick. Lorenza continues to manipulate Pablo, which causes him to feel sorry for her. Friday (Episode 121): Gisela kills Edgar and escapes with nobody knowing her wehreabouts. All of Lorenza's evil deeds are discovered and is sent to jail. Ines doesn't resist the surgery and dies. Centavito's daughter has eye surgery. Pablo and Esmeralda renew their vows in an emotional ceremony.

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