After 90 episodes "La Querida Del Centauro 2" has come to an end. The thrilling sequel to the narco series starring Ludwika PaletaMichel Brown and Humberto Zurita. Our main characters are in quite a pickle. Yolanda is lost somewhere and no one seems to know where she is. Emilio and Ana (Sandra Echeverría) are planning to betray El Centauro during the exchange of the fake Yolanda. They both want to kill El Centauro and take over the business. Will their plan work? Will Yolanda and her family finally find happiness? Read our complete summary of the last episode of the telenovela below and tell us what you think of the finale!

Gerardo locks Román and El Comisionado in the interrogation room so they don't leak information to El Centauro. Gerardo gets word that someone has found Yolanda and he runs out to look for her. Román is able to untie himself and knocks Antuna out to escape and stop Gerardo. Police arrive at El Centauro's home but he has already gone to where Yolanda is supposed to be allegedly.

Gerardo finds the real Yolanda but she is having one of her episodes. Román finds Gerardo distracted and shoots him, falling from the heights he is presumed dead. Román tells Yolanda he will take her to Benedicto. Meanwhile in a clandestine location, Ana and Emilio are trying to trick El Centauro to kill him, but Román calls and tells him he has Yolanda and even verifies by listening to her voice.

El Centauro kills his son Emilio and it all kicks off. The fake Yolanda explodes and El Centauro escapes, but before he leaves completely he spots Miguel and kills him in front of Ana. El Comisionado kills Nicolás as he was the one that got everyone involved, after doing that he kills commits suicide.

El Centauro gets to the location Gerardo told his family to meet at and makes Cristina, El Gato and Lucho get off the truck. Roman arrives to the location with Yolanda and El Centauro orders her to kill all of them. She starts off with El Gato, but Gerardo intervenes and starts shooting at their direction. With no more bullets, Gerardo cannot defend himself and is taken by Román.

El Centauro orders Yolanda to kill Gerardo but in a last minute of sanity she turns around and shoots El Centauro instead, who in turns shoots back at Yolanda, they both die. Lucho kills Román.

We see the characters nine months after and Cristina's baby has been born and they name her Yolanda. Gerardo receives a call from Ana who tells him that she had a baby that looks just like him. She also said that she will teach him the business his grandfather was in, with a shocked face on Gerardo and the words FIN appear.